Classic Mohair Phantom of the Opera Teddy Bear


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Steiff 新上市歌劇魅影的毛海泰迪熊 Classic Mohair Phantom of the Opera Teddy Bear EAN 037184 by Steiff

歌劇魅影 "Phantom of the Opera"是由編劇:安德魯洛伊韋伯 Andrew Lloyd Webber 撰寫

劇情簡介:多才多藝,但相貌恐怖如鬼魅、終日戴著面具的男子艾瑞克,愛上了純潔的劇院女伶克莉絲汀,但克莉絲汀另有一青梅竹馬的愛人韓伍.夏尼子。 艾瑞克身世坎坷,連家人也嫌棄他的模樣,以致於他小小年紀就被賣給馬戲團,四處流浪。艾瑞克有許多才華,其中一項便是音樂,他的歌聲非常具有吸引力,又會作曲。來到巴黎之後,他長期躲在劇院下面的地底工國,創作《勝利的唐璜》,夢想有一天會有一個溫柔美麗的女子能無視於他醜陋的外表,而愛上他的才華。然而,這個夢想終歸還是破滅了。

The white mask, the black felt hat, the red rose - where else could we be but in - or mostly under - the Paris Opera? We witness a tragic love affair. We are right in the midst of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera". And this dreamy Teddy bear seems to have come straight from the stage, paying tribute to one of the most moving and romantic musicals to be produced in the past decades. He is made of high-quality fine mohair and his nose and claws are lovingly embroidered on his velvet cape and comes with a hat and a mask as accessories. And like the Phantom of the Opera, there is a secret hidden deep down inside him - but in his case, it is a really magical one!

If you talk to this Teddy bear, he will play you one of seven emotional tunes from the musical and what is more, you can choose which one you want to hear. In his tummy, he has an exclusively developed voice-controlled music box, with which you can, incidentally, reduce and increase volume by voice control too. This 12 inch tall teddy bear understands both German and English. So you can talk to him in either language, hug him to your heart, go on an incredible journey into the Paris underworld and experience the Phantom's inner conflict between anger and love...Part of the 2007 Steiff Worldwide Collection.

Limited Edition of 2000 ; $380.00