Tips on Needle Felting Bears


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The principle: Felt needles are needles with barbed hooks.

Similar to a small harpoon, only many and the hook point to the other direction. With the harpoon it is desired that the point penetrates easily and the hook prevents pulling out. With the felt needles you like to push the needle in easily and pull it out again without pulling the felted parts out.

For a roundish body you roll a lump wool together and the end of the last overlapping layer with the needle is fixed. Now you stitch all around from all directions into the "ball" , so that the form consolidates itself more and more. The more you stitch in a place stings, the more firmly and more deeply it becomes felt. In this way one can mold the form.

If you want to felt a little bear:

you felt the body parts as it is explained for a round body you can join the parts together by thread jointing the small part where you can see the thread endings you can cover with another small piece of wool - just felt them over. But Caution! The needles are very pointed and you work very quickly by stitching the needle into the wool, there exists the danger of injury!

Please pay attention with the needles and never lay your hand under the piece you're felting! A piece foam material is very suitable for base you can felt on.

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