Tools of the Trade


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  • Long needles - 6", 8", & 12"
  • Choose a jointing system: plastic, lock nut, cotter pins, hardboard discs
  • Needles and good quality sewing thread, upholstery thread (for closing), "dental floss" (to set eyes), thimble & needle grabber
  • Sharp scissors - shears and small embroider size
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Assortment of perle cottons to embroider noses
  • Glass eyes - have an assortment so that the "best size" for your bear can be chosen
  • Awl - for making joint holes
  • Hemostat for turning small pieces
  • Permanent black marker to mark fabric
  • Fingertip or larger bunka brush for taking fur out of seams
  • Long shank glass head pins (or bear clamps)
  • Stuffing Tools
  • Stuffing; plastic pellets, glass beads, excelsior, Polyester Fiberfil

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