Echo - the friendly bear


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Stupid idea alert: “Echo is a personal robot that serves as a physical implementation of your online social networks.” Or, to put it another way, it’s a robot which stores your likes and dislikes and, when it comes into contact with another Echo whose tastes and hobbies match your own, it makes contact with it.

So basically you’re walking along and suddenly your Echo sees someone you’ll maybe like and introduces you. Like a robotic best friend. The devices use Bluetooth to communicate with one another and have limited degrees of motion, so they can do things like wave. They will also – if the idea ever gets to the manufacturing stage – have interchangeable skins, so you can have one that matches your personality or mood.

The main problem here, of course, is that your Echo can communicate with other Echoes only if the idea takes off and becomes wildly popular. And if it doesn’t? Well then everyone will laugh at you for carrying a toy teddy bear in the street.