Ernst and Elsa


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Ernst and Elsa EAN 669682 by Steiff They may differ in size, but these two Teddies share so much in common! Based on a real pair of Steiff Teddies that spent nearly eight decades together, 26" Ernst and Elsa will always be faithful companions. The originals were sold at auction (as a pair, of course) in 2005 for a princely sum by a major London auction house. This antique couple features delicate airbrushing and careful trimming to give each bear a slightly aged look. To ensure that Ernst and Elsa are never separated, Elsa is kept in a velvet pouch worn around Ernst’s neck. Your collection simply would not be complete without this charming pair. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.

Expected Delivery Date: 2007 Early Spring Limited Edition of 1500

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