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  • 2007 Golden Teddy Award Nominee
  • Size: 13"
  • Color: frosted white on grey
  • Completely hand-crafted with quality materials
  • Made of 1"+ pile luxurious dense soft synthetic plush
  • Premium charcoal glass eyes with upper and lower eyelids
  • Hand-stitched Pearl cotton nose and mouth
  • German merino wool felt hand-sculpted and hand-painted paw and foot pads
  • Stuffed with polyester fiberfill and fully jointed with bolts, lock nuts, cotter pin and hardboard discs. Flexible armature arms. A pouch of BBs is added for weight.

One day in December 2006, Michelle looked concerned. “Ladies,” she said to the other bears. “We all think that Lena makes us so well. Why don’t we tell the world about us?” Bears just laughed at her. Michelle, however, made a few pictures of her and mailed them to the “Teddy Bear Review”. In a few weeks stunned bears of Teddy Kingdom read an announcement that Michelle became a nominee for the Golden Teddy Award. “Why not me!!!” they cried but it was too late.