Mohair Teddy Bear 1908


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Mohair Teddy bear 1908 EAN 408557 by Steiff

After decades spent in a grey sample box, four colorfully "British" Teddy bears are now making a successful comeback.

But one at a time to begin with: at a very early stage, Steiff Teddy bears crossed the English Channel and won many hearts in Britain. Without a doubt, this was largely due to English general agent Herbert E. Hughes, who worked for Steiff from 1899 onwards and was responsible for finding a place for Steiff products on the shelves of prestigious outlets such as Harrods and Hamleys. Since then, the British have had a soft spot for the charming Teddy bears. Small wonder, then, that Otto Steiff decided to produce a sample collection with four colorful Teddy bears especially for the English market in 1908. Unfortunately, they were not produced in the end and never saw the outside of their faded sample box.

Over the last two years, the green and yellow Teddy bears have ventured into the public eye - and have now been joined by their faded pink brother.

This 14 inch tall bear is made of mohair. He is jointed, surface washable and stuffed with wood shavings. Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide, this bear has boot-button eyes and a growler. He has a gold-plated "Button in Ear". Part of the 2007 Steiff Worldwide Collection.

Limited Edition of 3000 ; USD256.50