Pulling Your Bear Together


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Clothes and Bows and Things....

Check out bear clothes patterns, knitted or sewn Adapt doll clothes patterns—use fabrics with really small patterns and prints. Cut down baby clothes. try silk ties, hats, gloves, mitts Antique baby/doll clothes Shawls can be made from lace collars Jazz up a craft store straw hat by adding ribbons, silk flowers applied with a glue gun Spell the name using baby bracelet name beads Use beautiful buttons as an accent Search out some old baby shoes or sandals Search out some old baby shoes or sandals Add a bell on a cord or ribbon Make clothes using baby clothes patterns (18" bear approximately newborn size) and there are great preemie patterns which can be suitable Used clothing stores or thrift stores hold wonderful possibilities Try earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pocket watches, sunglasses & reading glasses to add character Cut down vintage clothing to create a classic or nostalgic look Sometimes an oversize bow on the head, headband or collar are all that's needed Make a simple vest using crafters felt. Check out the scarf & muffler rack at a second hand store. Check out the scarf & muffler rack at a second hand store.

Set the Mood ....

Old play china, children's furniture and toys Look in stores for miniatures that may suit Check out key chains; they often have bear sized accessories Have your bear sit on a book, pillow or hat box Hide a box under a long skirt to make a bear appear taller Get a bear/doll stand to hold a bear upright Parasols, strollers, sleighs, buggies, cribs—you are limited only by your imagination Have your bear hold a ted of their own Double Growlers ...

Place two growlers beside each other Place one growler reversed to the other so that holes of each are opposite Tape the growlers together firmly with strong tape Lay the growlers horizontally into the body cavity Pack stuffing around so they will not be felt from the outside

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