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Steiff teddy bear company of Giengen produced it's first jointed stuffed bears during the same 1902-1903 period. The company had made toys for a number of years and had produced small wool-felt pincushion type animals of many varieties.

The animals were the creation of Margaret Steiff. Steiff bears were first introduced at the 1903 Leipzig Fair, where an American buyer saw them and ordered several thousand for shipment to the US. The Steiff name is the most famous of all teddy bear makers and the steiff company has trademark"Button In Ear". Steiff teddy bear can command huge prices and collectors will stop at nothing to own a rare Steiff teddy bear. The world record for a Steiff teddy bear is "Teddy Girl" a cinnamon Steiff teddy bear Sold at Christie's for £110,000. You can start a collection of some of the older steiff bears for just $200 depending on rarity and condition.

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