Steiff Classic Mohair Teddy bear Grizzly Ted


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Steiff Classic Mohair Teddy bear Grizzly Ted EAN 036507

No one is anxious to meet a grizzly bear in the wild but the Grizzly Ted is quite a different matter. His enormous size of - believe it or not - 24 inches makes him appear awe-inspiring but just one look at his gentle Ted face portrays him as a softie, a real darling waiting to be hugged and cuddled. Who could resist him? The Grizzly Ted is the first in a whole series of Teds that resemble their real-life models down to the very last detail. For example, the Grizzly Ted boasts a thick fur with a light tipping that gives him a grey sheen, just like his North American cousin. But to make them less frightening, the Teds have a new design that is unmistakably Steiff. And the Grizzly Ted has some really delightful Ted friends who will be completing the Ted family during the next few years.

Grizzly Ted is jointed, surface washable, and has a gold-plated "Button in Ear." Comes with certificate and box. Worldwide limited edition of 1,500 pieces. Ages 6 and up.

Price: $ 498.00 Company: Steiff Size: 24 inches

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