Teddy Bear MP3 Player


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iPulse Bear Speaker and Lightshow System for iPod and MP3

The iPulse Bear Speaker and Lightshow for iPod and MP3. Oodles of cuddle factor and some groovy features too, like a set of multi-coloured LED lights which pulse in tune to the music coming out of the internal speakers. Compatible with all music players with a headphone out jack. Also can be used for audio books, although a light show during a recitation of Alice in Wonderland might be a bit OTT.

Friendly iPulse Bear for playing iPod tunes or listening to stories from audio books. # Teddy hugs your music player to his belly in a pouch; a hidden cable connects to the headphone jack of any iPod or any other audio device with a headphone jack. # Squeeze his paw to turn him on and hear your tunes through his built-in speaker — and enjoy the iPulse lightshow on all four paws! # The green, blue and red LED light show pulses to the music’s rhythm, frequency and volume; his eyes glow blue or green too.

《gadgets》 by Red