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Toy Fair 2007: Mino the Interactive Robotic (Teddy) Bear

Remember Teddy Ruxpin from the 80's? You know, that cute and cuddly teddybear that when you popped a cassette tape in his behind, he'd read a story to you? Well, look at Ruxbin, because there's a better Teddy in town. Japan-based Triple One Co LTD introduced at this year's Toy Fair, Mino the Fully Interactive Robotic Bear is an electronic teddybear that moves his face and arms. He'll tell you a story or ask you to play games with him. Sensors are located on his belly, arms, and ears. When you rub his belly, he giggles, moves his arms around, and says, "C'mon that tickles!" He'll even get mad if you try to hurt him. Need to know what the weather's going to be like? Mino will tell you when connect him to the Internet.

Mino is due for a September release at $250. Oh, and I was recording Mino in action but the company caught me. Sorry readers!


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