Basel, The Cone-Nosed Bear


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In the early 1900s, it seemed as if the entire town of Giengen, Germany was busy making Teddy Bears. The demand for Steiff bears had exploded and Steiff relied on outside craftsman to help fulfill orders. It was a gectic time and some artisans deviated slightly -but noticeably- from the Steiff pattern. From this unintended divergence was born one of Steiff's most striking and appealing faces the cone nosed bears.

We are very proud of our new exclusive by Steiff. Basel's unique cone nose adds an incredible depth of character to an already exceptional bear. His luxurious curly mohair complements his "turn of the century" good looks. Basel is based on a distingushed Teddy bear from 1906-1908 found at the Puppenhausmuseum in Basel, Switzerland. Basel has traditional 5 way jointing that allows for wonderful posability. He stands a full 25" tall with boot button eyes and a rich, resonant growler.

Limited Edition of 1500

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